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Consequences of Covid

believe energy update Jul 07, 2022

Hey, this is my second blog post!

I've just had Covid, and yes, it was bound to get me like everybody else, and the whole family's had it, so I was in my room a lot, and during that time a lot of energy shifted and a lot of energy moved for me. And I had some very very very deep childhood emotions within me, and I was wondering why are they there?

I was looking at my energy and trying to figure out what they are doing still in my energy, and I then went through this whole process of looking at my energy and as to why there are still some toxic relationships that have caused me trauma or have been with high emotional connection that are still in my energy that shouldn't be there, and why they're there.

So vice energy disengagement was discovered, and this is how I discovered most of the Believe Energy Journey, because I lived it, I lived every moment, blood sweat and tears, I've gone through all the emotions and I know what you're going to go through when you're on this journey. And this is going to go into the Masters because it is complex with regards to clearing your energy at this level, but it is the most freeing experience you'll ever have, it like, gives you freedom. It's like having your energy reborn, in a respect. In a sense that you have no connections or ties to others that are going to cause you any more pain in this phase or the phases to come.

So it was a traumatic, tiring (due to Covid), a tearful experience, but what came out of it was, you know, what can I say? A masterpiece with regards to energetic release. I hope you enjoy the experience when you're in Masters, and you think back to this post, and I lived it, so I'm there with you.

With love.

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