Experiences of Energetic Release
Group Feedback
Changes Experienced on the Believe Energy® Journey
Group Feedback

Reena Hayer

"I feel that Believe Energy® has given my soul the kiss of life, I feel happier, positive, lighter, more energetic.  I actually look forward to getting up in the morning."

Ryan Graham

"I was feeling stuck in my life, living with anxiety, stress and stress-related pain. I now feel more relieved and less anxious. Now nearly 95% of my aches and pain have vanished."

Jamie Sonet

"Believe Energy® has helped me deal with my days and stress better. I have also found new confidence and pace in my life both personally and on a work front; previously I was feeling very stuck."

John Block

"I am very grateful to Ramni and Believe Energy®.  This journey is life-changing and I feel a sense of safety and family support as I continue to move forward."

Bridget Blue

"The Believe Energy® Journey restored my faith in myself, my purpose and my faith in God. Which is a massive statement as I am a vicar's daughter."

Angie Burman

"You must be open on this journey, as the results are completely unexpected and of great value. My perspective on life has dramatically changed."