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Ramni, Believe Energy

Ramni is the founder of Believe Energy®, the Complete Believe Energy® Journey and The Profound Self Love Experience. She has been gifted with powerful energy which she will gift to you free and advanced knowing to help unfulfilled professionals and homemakers release what is holding them back and connect to their true purpose.

She has brought hundreds of people to their ultimate dreams and desires, all now living a more fulfilled life with completeness and immense joy from within.

Ramni has spent many years teaching in universities and schools across the world and has a global client base stretching over four continents.

Ramni has international book deals for her two new books coming out next year as well as her comprehensive online training program and personal weekly energy sessions.

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What is Believe Energy

Believe Energy offers adults a dynamic framework in which they can boost their internal awareness and awareness of their life purposes.

The awareness of energy and how it affects their life and purposes has a fundamental impact on who they are now and who they will be in the future.

Believe Energy is a tool and an understanding of energy, which improves a person’s energy clarity and knowing to enable them to achieve their personal potential. It is the missing piece in life!

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Believe Energy is an Energy

Believe Energy, the energy, is new to the planet and works on the basis of Release and Connect. A person releases what they no longer need or what no longer serves them. This release is very deep and will release all the energy that is no longer required from their entire energy stream. They will then connect to Believe Energy in a technique which opens their energy to giving and receiving energy from others and their environment.


Connected to the clarity and knowing of Believe Energy reduces anxiety, highlights synchronicities, enables relationships to develop, heightens intuition and connects people profoundly to all levels of themselves thus allowing space for profound self-love, awareness of how to help our planet and so much more.

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Believe Energy Workshops

The Believe Energy Journey is taught in workshops online and has six units within the first year to complete. 


The first unit contains six sessions, each an hour, and is taught weekly FREE!


The units are consecutive and aid the person's journey. The workshops start at the beginning, despite where you are on your journey, as to how we currently know and see energy may be very different from how Believe Energy is presented. The knowing the person will receive is also new and adds depth to a person's understanding of the world around them.

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What can you expect from Believe Energy Workshop

"Orange brushstrokes swirl, lifting the energetic debris that clings to the human energy body. A soft rush of blue and gold falls from the heavens to caress, protect and give solace to the exhausted soul. Cocooned within this gift the ancient purpose of the soul is awakened and begins to gratefully receive the signs that appear to indicate the way." Ramni


Release of what is holding you back.

Healing & Growth

Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually and Energetically.


To the flow of life and to your life and divine purpose.

Unit 1 Workshop


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Believe Energy Journey 


Many of us achieve horizontal success but never feel fulfilled, we search for something more in life. We struggle to find complete happiness in material things, and we know there is more in this world, we are just unsure where to find it.  Believe Energy offers vertical growth for you and your soul's success. Believe Energy can bring the fulfilment your soul seeks and longs for in a dynamic framework that will complete all levels of yourself, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and most importantly, energetically.

Reena Hayer

"I feel the Believe Energy has given my soul the kiss of life, I feel happier, positive, lighter, more energetic I actually look forward to getting up in the morning."


Aimee Right

" I was feeling stuck in my life living with anxiety, stress and stress related pain. I now feel more relieved and less anxious. Now nearly 95% of my aches and pain have vanished."

Jamie Sonet

"The Believe Energy Journey has helped me deal with my busy days and stress better. I have also found new confidence in my life both personally and on a work front, that has taken me forward on my path, where before I was feeling very stuck."

John Block

"I am very grateful to Ramni and Believe Energy, and feel a sense of safety and family support as I move forward"

Bridget Blue

"You must be open on this journey, as the results are completely unexpected and of great value."

Angie Birman

"I see how, now more than ever, I am the priority and should act in accordance"

Live with Knowing and Clarity


Believe Energy helps those of all faiths and backgrounds as it works for the person, the energy and their connection to all levels of themselves and their life and divine purpose.


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