"The brushstrokes of creation release the heavily laden soul with swirling orange energy then fill the space with a cool blue kiss to the heart." Ramni

Ramni has found that many people know there is more to life but, despite having strong faith, they still find themselves longing for their connection to the divine to be clearer and for more awareness of their path and purpose in life. This longing can originate from one or all the following: too much pain in life and feeling let down; being surrounded by negative energy and feeling controlled; stagnant growth or being buried in life; not having a teacher who understands the journey and who is, therefore, unable to successfully act as a guide; being unaware of what is longed for and not knowing what is missing; and most significantly, fear, fear of the unknown and the changes required in order to fulfil what the soul is looking for.

Believe Energy is the missing key that people long for, it provides the bigger picture and the understanding of what it is that each soul seeks. This is a journey of not only spiritual, but also energetic, awakening, profound self-love, healing and connection to the divine. As each person journeys to the divine in their own manner, Believe Energy will support and point them in the right direction, by providing them with the tools to overcome their fears and delight in what the world actually has to offer them, once they awaken and take action.

This journey is about deep vertical growth within all levels of yourself and the understanding of life and your purpose within it. The first unit of the workshop (six sessions run on consecutive weeks) is free, as the information included is a gift from the divine/God/universe/source that is to be shared freely with humanity.

The workshops include powerful Release and Connect sessions during which Ramni will release any energy from you that is no longer required and connect you to a powerful new energy that has purpose, power and intelligence. Also included are tools to help you on your journey. To become awakened and journey to the divine you do not have to change your lifestyle but rather begin to open your energy heart and vice energy to receive.

The first unit, Energetic Awakening, begins with a release of the current negative/unwanted energy around and within you; followed by an energetic journey to where your soul energy was created, thus reminding you of your soul’s purpose; you then focus on the energy in your body, opening your energy heart and vice energy so that life will begin to flow better for you and you will feel more connected to it; after that, you will then be gifted Believe Energy, the energy, to help you improve your energy clarity and grow – this will lead to accelerated awakening. In the last session, you will learn how to connect yourself to mother earth, the tree of life and the grid, allowing for connection with all around you and protection. After the first unit ends you can choose to continue your journey with five subsequent units that are spread out over time to allow for growth and learning.

Awakening is just the beginning of the journey. At this stage, you are like a seed that has been planted and is ready to accept help from the universe to grow and reveal itself to the world. Your journey is beginning but you are not alone as Believe Energy offers a dynamic framework to help you, regardless of where you currently are on your journey, achieve the level of enlightenment that is right for you and your connection to the divine.

Believe Energy holds you on your journey and gives you a new perspective on life and your life purpose, ultimately helping you to achieve your soul’s potential and purpose. It works alongside other faiths as a gift to all who wish to receive it.

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"Believe Energy brings the beauty of life to you

from awakening to enlightenment."

Ramni was brought up in a Sikh family and is a direct descendant of Guru Nanak Devi Ji.

In 2013, Ramni created the Believe Energy I AM IMPORTANT workshop for children, to improve their emotional wellbeing. It evolved into workshops run in schools and universities, for all age groups, to enable everybody to have the opportunity to access information on how to deal with emotions as they occur in order to feel better. She works from her heart with both love and knowing.

Having an innate connection with the universe and with very special people has allowed Ramni to access aspects of energy and knowing beyond what she imagined possible. Her current purpose is to share the knowledge and provide access to a new energy that has been gifted to earth. The energy brings clarity and knowing that accelerates understanding, so you can awaken and make better choices and experience less pain on your path to enlightenment.

She has been asked to help you feel the energy and see the world and how we can live in it from a different perspective – through understanding the energyverse, Love Energy, energy streams, knowing, vice energy, energy hearts and editions, our six purposes, virtues, our energy stream connection, Release and Connect sessions and the beloved tree of life. In understanding the bigger picture of life and improving your energy clarity, you will develop and enhance your connection to God/universe/source, alongside your faith, and facilitate the fulfilment of your soul’s purpose.


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