Believe energy offers workshops to both adults and children. 

BELIEVE ENERGY workshops are held online or in-person at schools and events.

Adult Workshops

Believe Energy offers adults a dynamic framework in which they can boost their internal awareness and awareness of their life purposes. The awareness of energy and how it affects their life and purposes has a fundamental impact on who they are now and who they will be in the future. Believe Energy enhances a person’s journey to everyday enlightenment.

Children’s Workshops

Believe Energy helps your child to deal with their emotions in the present and works to enhance their overall emotional well-being and resilience. Your child’s emotional well-being can affect their behaviour, ability to learn, self-worth, confidence & overall happiness.

To support all children Primary, Junior and Young Adults, the Believe Energy ‘I AM IMPORTANT’ workshop, offers age-appropriate them practical tools and techniques to deal with their emotions independently thus building confidence, resilience and maintaining their happiness.

Calm Sea


Serving Students Since 2013

Ramni created Believe Energy, drawing from her knowledge and experience as a qualified Children and Adolescents Counsellor, Guide leader, Child-Minder and in many therapies, in order to share her wealth of knowledge and formalise the work she carried out at home for 12 years.  
The Believe Energy 'I AM IMPORTANT' workshop is run internationally, in schools and universities and now online to support you and your child through COVID-19 and returning to normality. The workshop has also been tailored as a badge for the Brownies Guides to achieve!
‘My aim is to help all children. As adult we all know how difficult life can be at times and as a mother of four I want to protect my children as much as I can.  By allowing them to experience the Believe Energy workshop I have provided them with tools they can use independently for the rest of their lives. It makes me happy knowing my child has formal techniques that can help them release their sadness and find their happiness, thus build their resilience and confidence in life"
Ramni is passionate about her work and anybody who meets her naturally feeds off her positive energy and drive.  In addition to working on Believe Energy Children’s Workshops, Ramni is currently working on writing an Adults’ Workshop and on many books both fact and fiction relating to the methods and concepts taught in the Believe Energy Workshops.
The Believe Energy workshops are fully insured and DBS checked.


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