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Welcome to Believe Energy, where we offer a selection of transformative courses to guide your healing, learning, and growth journey. Choose from a range of powerful tools designed for easy understanding and life-changing results. Say goodbye to struggle and embrace a revolutionary new perspective with us.

Your journey starts now.  We look forward to welcoming you into our Believe Energy Family.

Energetic Release

Start your Believe Energy experience with our 6-week starter course, where we introduce you to our revolutionary new tool and guide you through its transformative use.

Say goodbye to the layers holding you back, as you embark on your journey towards releasing pain and embracing freedom.

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Beyond Energetic Release

In this follow-on 6-week course, we dive deeper into the transformative tool at Believe Energy, empowering you to apply it across various aspects of your life. From your home to your family, pets, food, and drink, you'll experience the full breadth of its impact. Embrace this tool and make an impactful difference in your daily life.  (Prerequisite: Energetic Release)

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Complete Believe Energy Journey

Embark on the Complete Believe Energy Journey, a transformative 12-month course where you'll uncover new facets of yourself and heal every aspect of your being. Experience true freedom from your past as you release traumas, connect with your inner guidance, and discover your own truth within your life and the world around you. It's time to embrace a journey of profound self-discovery and liberation.

(Includes Energetic Release and Beyond Energetic Release)

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Healing Emotional Pain

A revolutionary solution to healing emotional pain, using counselling and our transformative tool to achieve faster and deeper healing by releasing traumas buried deep within you.

Say goodbye to emotional pain and embrace a journey of healing and liberation.

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Other Offerings

We also have a selection of other options to support your journey to happiness and fulfilment. 

Weekly Energy Sessions


Our Weekly Energy Sessions are tailored to heal and alleviate the pressures of everyday life, enabling you to release stress and anxiety. Let us take the reins as we work diligently to restore balance and well-being, allowing you to reclaim peace and tranquility in your daily life.

£60 (GBP) per Month

Weekly Energy Sessions


Help your child to release stress, anxiety, irritability, anger or sleeping issues.  Ages 0 to 17, with adult accompaniment when appropriate. 

£40 (GBP) per Month

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