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Awakening & Transition

believe energy update Nov 16, 2022

Everything is going through transition at the moment.  The whole planet is energetically shifting, as well as humanity.

A lot of people are going to be awakening, but in this transition that we are having, a lot comes to the forefront of our lives, so many things are happening to you, and a lot of it is negative, and you will feel overwhelmed by the negative impact it has on your life. 

It's supposed to.  We're in a time of transition, and transition actually means to move from one place to the other place, and this transition is never easy.  It's going to involve change, it's going to involve your gateway traits, it's going to involve learning life lessons, it's going to involve healing.

So, if you feel at the moment that everything is coming to head and it's too much, and you are overwhelmed by all the things that are going wrong in your life; stop.

I need you to stay in control, and release and connect and if you know how to deep trauma release, deep trauma release every single trigger that is coming into your life at this moment in time, because you are going through transition, and transition. 

Again, is not easy, but you will come through it, because you have the tools to get through it, and you have the understanding that on the Believe Energy Journey there will be change, because you're going to make impactful difference in this lifetime, in this phase, you're supposed to change.

So, allow this change to happen and flow with the change, and keep on release and connecting, keep on deep trauma releasing, and know that this is part of what is supposed to happen.  Allow it.

You are going to become the person you are supposed to be.  You are going to know your truth.  You are going to fulfil your path.  You are going to walk your path and fulfil your purpose.  You are going to know your energetic identity, because you're on the Believe Energy Journey, and that's what it does.

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