Follow Your Passion - An Interview with Ramni

Season #1


"I created the "I am Important" badge" - Ramni

Please meet my guest and dear friend  Ramni. Ramni is a very special person. She had always known there was more to life. She knew she had a greater purpose, but didn't know what it was or how to achieve it.

In her adult life she was working hard as an SAP cunsultant, raised her children and went on courses, read books and talked to people, all to find her true purpose.

Until she realized she already had everything inside of her. She got connected with Believe Energy, went through the whole journey herself and now with her company "Believe Energy Journey" she is helping others who feel unfulfilled, or want to reach their full potential, to release what's holding them back and connect with their true purpose, so that they can achieve their ultimate dreams & desires in life.

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