Believe Energy 
Adult Workshops

Many of us achieve horizontal success but never feel fulfilled, we search for something more in life. We struggle to find complete happiness in material things, and we know there is more in this world, we are just unsure where to find it.  Believe Energy offers vertical growth for you and your soul's success. Believe Energy can bring the fulfilment your soul seeks and longs for in a dynamic framework which will complete all levels of yourself, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and most importantly, energetically.

"Orange brushstrokes swirl, lifting the energetic debris that clings to the human energy body. A soft rush of blue and gold falls from the heavens to caress, protect and give solace to the exhausted soul. Cocooned within this gift of love, gifted by God, the ancient purpose of the soul is awakened and begins to gratefully receive the signs that appear to indicate the way. From this place of stillness, the clumsy thoughts of the mind and the tumbling force of dark energy may only enter if allowed by the lowering of armour." Ramni

What is Believe Energy?

Believe Energy offers adults a dynamic framework in which they can boost their internal awareness and awareness of their life purposes.
The awareness of energy and how it affects their life and purposes has a fundamental impact on who they are now and who they will be in the future.
Believe Energy is a tool and an understanding of energy, which improves a person’s energy clarity and knowing to enable them to achieve their personal potential from awakening to enlightenment. It is the missing piece in life!

Missing Piece

Believe Energy is Non Bias

Believe Energy helps those of all faiths and backgrounds as it works for the person, the energy and their connection to all levels of themselves and eventually what some may term as God/Universe/Source/Love Energy/Pure Love.


Believe Energy is an Energy

Believe Energy, the energy, is new to the planet and works on the basis of Release and Connect. A person releases what they no longer need or what no longer serves them. This release is very deep and will release all the energy that is no longer required from their entire energy stream. They will then connect to Believe Energy in a technique which opens their energy to giving and receiving energy from others and their environment.

Connected to the clarity and knowing of Believe Energy reduces anxiety, highlights synchronicities, enables relationships to develop, heightens intuition and connects people profoundly to all levels of themselves thus allowing space for profound self-love, awareness of how to help our planet and so much more.

Reaching Out to the Sun

Believe Energy Workshops

Believe Energy is taught in workshops online or in person. There are six units, the first unit is three weeks long and is given FREE, as Believe Energy is a divine gift to this planet and it is gifted freely to those who wish to receive it.  From then on the units are each six weeks long with a break of six weeks in between them for the participants to experience their new knowledge and use the energy to help enhance their lives.

The units are consecutive and aid the person's journey to their unique level of enlightenment. The workshops start at the beginning, despite where you are on your journey, as to how we currently know and see energy is very different from how Believe Energy is presented. The knowing the person will receive is also new and adds depth to a person's understanding of the world around them.

Online Workshop