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                                                            ENHANCING EMOTIONAL WELLBEING


What Teenagers Said About The Workshop:

  • "I feel refreshed, relaxed and inspired. I have enjoyed this workshop as it taught me lots of ways to feel better" Dr Challoners High School aged 12


  • "I feel refreshed and better about myself, I found the tools about letting things go and believing in yourself most useful because they are true and easy to do" Chalfont Community College, Age 11


  • "I feel so important now I liked the workshop because it was a fun and interesting way to learn" Dr Challoners High School age 11


  • "I feel more important and confident. I also feel I can deal with any situation better" Dr Challoners High School, aged 12


  • "I feel amazing, I have exams and I feel so rejuvenated and a lot more confident as I now believe I can do it" Dr Challoners High School, aged 15 


  • “I carry a lot of things on my shoulders and it allows me to be calm and breath.  The workshop was an amazing experience and I would love to do it again” Amersham and Wycombe College, aged 17

Believe Energy, Ramni, visited our Guide unit over a two-week period to deliver the ‘I Am Important’ workshop.  Guides are aged between 10 years and 16 years of age.  We have 37 girls who took part in the workshop.

The workshop was extremely relevant to the girls and many of the girls commented on how they could relate to what Ramni was sharing with them.  The workshop was relevant and well-presented and the girls didn’t feel as though they were being ‘talked at’ or preached to.  Ramni engaged them and held their interest throughout the two evenings.  The girls enjoyed the techniques and exercises that Ramni offered to them and many of them have used the techniques in their everyday life, especially when having to cope with exam pressures and peer pressure.  


A couple of weeks later I had an impromptu chat with the girls to find out what they had thought about the workshop, Girls were saying that the workshop was ‘empowering’, ‘unique and original’, uplifting, ‘useful’ and ‘fun’.  They also want to do a follow up workshop in a few weeks’ time too.  It is so promising to have such great feedback from all the girls.


This workshop is so relevant to today’s youth, not just for girls but for boys too.  I highly recommend Believe Energy, the ‘I Am Important’ workshop and Ramni.  Ramni pitches to the age range of the group, is relevant and modern in delivering her workshops and involves everyone in them too.  The workshops are fun, but deliver important messages and demonstrate easy and effective techniques.  

Nicky Dodd, Guide Leader, 2nd Chalfont St. Giles Guides

What Girlguiding Said About The Workshop:

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