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                                                            ENHANCING EMOTIONAL WELLBEING


Believe Energy runs emotional well-being workshops for both Primary and Senior schools.  The workshops promote emotional well-being, self-worth and resilience for both the children and their teachers.  


As per the National Healthy School Standards "The key issue is that schools have a direct influence on the emotional health of their pupils and staff; and that this, in turn, has an impact on academic and other achievement. The first benefit of promoting emotional health and well-being is that it helps to ensure happier and more motivated pupils and staff who get more out of school life"


The Believe Energy workshops main focus is on a child's emotional and mental state which both affect how the child feels, learns and the behaviour they choose to display (outwardly and inwardly).  The aim is to remove/protect the child from a downward spiral leading to destructive consequences for example stress, depression and self-harming. Our work underpins the PSCHE curriculum, SEAL Program and International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme: Student social-emotional well-being and school success practices.











The Primary School workshop for 5-11 year olds follows the format of our Children's workshop, with the introduction of the tool belt, Release and Connect sessions and how to deal with bullying, stress and your emotions as and when they happen.  This can be tailored to the class or year group.


The young adult’s workshop for 11-16 year olds, has been split into four 1.5/2 hour workshops run over four weeks or four days.

1.       Introduction and Tool Belt

2.       Life, Relationships and Being Kind to yourself

3.       Problem Solving and Thoughts

4.       Creation of Individual Self Reliance Plan


We teach the students a tool-belt to help them deal with situations and emotions in their life as and when they occur, covering happiness, sadness, fear, anger, anxiety, stress and much more. We focus on believing in yourself, your feelings, your thoughts and how to look after yourself emotionally as you are the most important person in your life. The workshops include games, activities and a Release and Connect session to make the experience fun but educational.








Basic emotional state and learning cycle 3

Basic Emotional State

and Learning Cycle