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                                                            ENHANCING EMOTIONAL WELLBEING

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In accordance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which take effect from 25th May 2018, we would like to take this opportunity to assure you that all information we hold about you and your child is done so in strictest confidence and securely stored. Please see full details of the Believe Energy Ltd Privacy Policy below.


Please note you have the opportunity to choose whether you would like Believe Energy Ltd to keep in touch with updates, marketing, special offers and newsletters and if so how you would like to receive this information by emailing us at



At Believe Energy Ltd all information contained on your booking form are held in the strictest confidence for my use only and stored securely in a locked cabinet. (None of your data is stored online apart from email addresses for newsletters)


The only time your information would be shared is if it is required for a referral to another health professional, none of this information would be given or requested without your prior written consent or social services with respect to our Safe Guarding policy.


Contact details may be used, with your permission, to contact you regarding an appointment or to inform you of updates, marketing, special offers and newsletters. You may change/opt out of being contacted at any time by email to




If a young person entrusts a member of Believe Energy Ltd with personal information or if we have a concern about a young person’s physical, sexual or emotional well-being, it is extremely important that you understand our responsibility to seek advice and support from school’s designated person/Social Services for child protection and safeguarding.


We will remain calm, approachable and receptive, listen carefully without interrupting, acknowledge we understand how difficult this may be, make it clear that we are taking what is said seriously, reassure them that they have done the right thing in telling us, let them know that we will do everything we can to help them, make a written record of exactly what has been said.


We will not promise confidentiality, ask leading or probing questions, investigate, repeatedly question or ask the individual to repeat the disclosure, discuss the disclosure with people who do not need to know, delay in reporting the disclosure to the school’s designated person for child protection and safeguarding.



The client will not own the intellectual property rights of any of the material and it cannot be copied in any format without the express written permission from Believe Energy Ltd.  This includes all teaching scripts; the ‘I AM IMPORTANT’ tool belt, handouts, Believe Energy terminology or any of the methods/tools used in the workshop.



Believe Energy Ltd have carried out a complete Risk Assessment for private workshops.  Schools will need to conduct their own Risk Assessment. Believe Energy Ltd has been provided with all information of any conditions/allergies/issues which a child may have during the workshop. The parent/school understand that they are fully responsible for the child’s overall condition/allergies/issues/health/safety/well-being despite the child being at the Believe Energy Ltd Workshop. The parent/school gives the Believe Energy Team permission to administer first responses first aid on the child and that Believe Energy will contact the parent/school about any incident, however minor. I understand Believe Energy will not make any major medical decisions on the parents/schools' behalf and will only follow advice given by the parent/school or a trained medical professional.

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