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                                                            ENHANCING EMOTIONAL WELLBEING

  • It's been a couple of weeks since my son came to the workshop and I wanted to let you guys know how much happier he is! I asked him a few days ago how he was feeling and he said 'amazing, like I have nothing to worry about' and that seems to sum him up since he came to the workshop. He has been so much happier, more carefree and exuberant. For the last 4 years he has suffered from separation anxiety from me, particularly at the school gates, but this last week he has skipped into school with a kiss and a hug. I cannot thank Believe Energy enough for all their love and support. (Wexham)


  • You made such a difference to myself, my children and therefore probably my Husband as well! I feel blessed to be one of those people, thank you so much! (Chalfont)


  • My Daughter really enjoyed the workshop. Overall she has been much more positive and upbeat since the workshop and emotionally really well balanced.  She is managing to use the tools and is finding that she is able to cope better in situations where she's not finding it easy, e.g. at a party where she's feeling a bit left out or if she receives a critical comment from someone. Thanks again for running the workshop. I think the work you're doing is great and am looking forward to learning more about it myself in the future. (Hillingdon)


  • My daughter really enjoyed it and said that she felt relaxed afterwards. We have been practising at home too. She asked this morning if she could go every Sunday. (Amersham)


  • We sent my daughter on the 'I am important' workshop as she was having a few problems at school. The children all told us parents what they had learnt and enjoyed about their morning and how relaxing and safe they had felt during the workshop.  In summary the keys things are: 1) send your child on the workshop. 2) Get your child to explain to you what they did on the workshop and try it yourself - they will love doing it on you, it will make them feel important! 3) USE the toolkit - as soon as you start forgetting, as with anything things will slip back as we have found out to our cost. My kids often remind me now and I have even bought a copy of it on holiday with us! Thank you Ramni and your team so much for introducing us to this fascinating technique and very useful toolkit which has and will continue to help us so much. (Chesham)


  • Useful tools for everyone, to help through stressful situations, important for promoting self belief and inner strength (Watford)


  • An excellent opportunity to ensure children understand how important they are and how to enable them to cope with the stress of life (London)


  • It's great to have this type of support for children to build strong inner resilience (Beaconsfield)