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                                                            ENHANCING EMOTIONAL WELLBEING

These powerful, inspiring sessions have been created to help children through the stresses of normal life whilst maintaining their happiness no matter who they are and what they encounter.  We have helped children over the last ten years with a massive variety of issues.  We have created this workshop to be proactive and help many more children before a major incident occurs in their life which they find emotionally hard.


We see many children suffering under a dark cloud that they find impossible to shift.  It has been reported in the news recently that 1 in 4 children suffer with depression.  This could be due to many reasons, a traumatic experience in their lives, life changes which were out of their control, exam stress, anxiety, puberty, illness, night terrors, they hear/see and feel things differently from other people and may find it difficult to fit into society.


We can also help the quiet child in the class with her confidence, the teenager stressed with school and social media pressure, the boy being bullied by another and holds in all of the emotions inside, the bully with their insecurities, the child transitioning to a new school/class or moving abroad, the child that gets tummy aches when they are nervous. Or the child who seems happy and confident but as a proactive measure both the child and the parent are given tools they can fall back on when the time calls for it.


Within the ‘I AM IMPORTANT’ workshop, we teach the children tools to help them overcome stresses they encounter daily to help them feel better. The tools we provide can not only be used TODAY but can be used throughout their lives.



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