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                                                            ENHANCING EMOTIONAL WELLBEING

How The Children Felt After The Workshop:

Children's 'I AM IMPORTANT' Workshop

What The Children Said About The Workshop:

  • "Brilliant"

  • "Excellent"

  • "I have four words for you - Too Good For Words"

  • "I didn't just like it, I loved it"

  • "They understand me"

  • "When can I come back?, I loved It!"

  • "Awesome"

  • "I thought it was really fun and will help me especially the dream board"

  • "I thought it was awesome and I loved it and I know I will use it and it will help me in the future"

  • "The workshop was amazing. I found my inner strength and it will help me in the future"

  • "Calm and relaxed"

  • "Happy and lighter"

  • "Full of peace now"

  • "The cloud of nasty things floated away from me"

  • "All the bad things have flushed out of me and went away"

  • "A plaster that healed me"

  • "The bad stuff has been recycled"

  • "I now understand what 'being relaxed' actually means"

  • "I am so happy"

  • "All bad things and the news I had went away, I have forgotten it, I can deal with it better now"

  • "I feel relaxed and I can do anything"

  • "The workshop really helped me mentally and physically"

  • "I feel very stress free"

  • "Relaxed, Calm and Important"

  • "I feel HAPPY and confident"

  • "I enjoyed it, it helped me release my bad energy"

  • "Everyone should have a chance to go to the workshop"

  • "I feel cleared of stress"

  • "We all need to know we are important"

  • "I enjoyed it, it taught me so much, very helpful"

  • "It was amazing, it will help me cope, it was hugely helpful"

  • "I used to think I was being tough and store everything, now I have   the tools I feel better, it will help me with my nightmares too"

  • “I have a lot more techniques to keep myself focused on my own happiness and well-being.  I think every year group and the teachers would benefit from the workshop because everyone is important and everyone needs to know that." Dr Challoner's High School, age 14

  • "I feel better because I have heard from someone else, that opened the idea, that I am important and I do have value and I can achieve my dreams and that I am worthy." Dr Challoner's High School, age 15

  • "I feel better, I feel like I now have more control and would have the drive to stand up in a situation to protect myself." Dr Challoner's High School aged 14 

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